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How to find the best Abu Dhabi tours you won’t regret later?


How to find the best Abu Dhabi tours you won’t regret later?

Abu Dhabi desert safari options are endless. This is why you should pay your attention to finding the best so you won’t have to regret later. In this post, we have put together some tips that will help you find the best Abu Dhabi tour.

1 What type of Abu Dhabi tour Package you want to take?

In every tour company in Abu Dhabi, you’ll find a range of Abu Dhabi tour packages with different itineraries. So finding the best tour to match your interests and requirements from them is essential to enjoy an amazing desert safari experience in Abu Dhabi. This should depend on with whom do you travel and what kind of experience you are looking for.

For an example, when you are travelling with your kids it’s not ideal to sign up for an extremely adventurous Abu Dhabi tour.

2 Check out different options

When you are doing your research in finding the best Abu Dhabi tour to book, you’ll come up with several companies which have the same itinerary.

This is why you should direct your research to find the “best tour”. Because, though the itineraries are the same, the quality of the tours might vary. - Which leads you to our next tip to select the best Abu Dhabi Tour.

3 Learn more about the Abu Dhabi tour operator

Planning your Abu Dhabi desert safari with a good tour operator is not optional if you don’t want to regret over your Abu Dhabi tour later. Here are few things you should consider when booking your tour with a tour operator in Abu Dhabi.

  • Experience - Experience of the staff and company
  • Reputation – There business values, qualities and the standards they pursue.
  • Where they based in (abroad home office or a local one) – Local knows best about the country that huge companies based in abroad don’t know. Yet, if you are planning your tour with abroad company make sure they have a local office with their own local staff.

4 What distinguishes their Abu Dhabi tour packages from others ?

Finding what makes a tour special from the other ones is important in selecting the best out of the best. For an example, our Abu Dhabi tours are the only tours that take you to a luxury camp owned by our company.

5 What’s include and exclude

May be your Abu Dhabi tour package price doesn’t include the entrance ticket prices to the attraction sites or there may be cases where some activity listed in the tour comes with an extra cost.

To avoid such unpleasant surprises and unexpected expenses make sure you discuss what is include and what exclude in the tour with the operator.

6 How long have you been running the itinerary?

If the tour has been running for a long time, Tour Company should be much more confident about being able to assure you a smooth Abu Dhabi tour. If the tour is a new one there may be bugs they are working on.

Yet, the company has a good reputation whether the particular Abu Dhabi tour package is new or old you won’t face much of a problem.

7 Contact the company and ask about everything

Learning about the tour from inside out can be very helpful to you in making the right decision in selecting the best Abu Dhabi tour. For this, you can contact a Abu Dhabi tour consultant at the tour company and ask about everything from tour length, prices, accommodation options, additional costs to the best time to schedule the tour.

8 Up to you

Today, you can find several hundreds of Abu Dhabi tour packages online by only with one google search query. But finding the best Abu Dhabi tour to take, you won’t regret later needs a lot of researching, considerations, second opinions, and analyzing which takes a lot of hours. Yet, if you want your Abu Dhabi tour to go smooth, doing a deep researching is a must.

Unless… you could find the best Abu Dhabi tour you expect right from here.

For those who are interested in saving time, let us tell you about the Abu Dhabi tour packages we offer.

We are a 23 years experienced tour operator in Abu Dhabi who offers an extensive range of tour packages. Off Road Adventure Tours is the only tour operator in Abu Dhabi owned by a local owner and the tour operator that owns a luxury camp in the heart of the desert which we built to give our guests an exceptional desert safari experience like no other.

The mention about our services on the government tourism website which you can see from "visit abudhabi" will give you a clear idea about our reputation as a company.

And most importantly when you plan your Abu Dhabi desert safari with us you can enjoy a remarkable service with our experienced crew for an unbeatable price.